difficulty level:


recommended players:

2-6 players


A srewed bank robbery or money laundry?


Takin’ a look at your situation it doesn’t really matter

You gotta’ know that there is no worse on The Earth than the cell 33. Escaping from Alcatraz is a piece of a cake compared to this place.


Don’t you think that it’s an ordinary cell, something is wrong around here. It feels like that the walls are shaking.


We heard from the prison guards that some prisoners have seen some riddles, found hidden doors, heard weird noises and seen unusual things. Many have disappeared and many lost his mind.


A prisoner told me that after your verdict you were invited to the cell 33. I thought it’s better to prepare you for the things what’s waiting for you there. If the rumor is true and it is possible to escape, the only chance to find your way out is in the cell.


Watch out!


Be smart, pay attention and solve the puzzles…..Escape, save yourself, but don’t lose who you are

Game 2-3 player (60 minutes):  8900 HUF
Game 2-3 player with student discount (-20%) (60 minutes): 7120 HUF
Game 2-6 player (60 minutes): 13900 HUF
Game 2-6 player with student discount (-20%) (60 minutes): 11120 HUF


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