difficulty level:


recommended players::

2-6 players (max. 8)

Could you escape from a disaster area? Could you concentrate, while you feel the earth move under your feet?

The Logic Arena provides you one of the most dynamic escape room in Hungary.

Can you do it? So far the strongest earthquake on the Richter scale was a 9.5 magnitude one. During today you experienced a 9.9 magnitude earthquake, we can not even estimate the damage and the victims. Fortunately, the worst is behind you, but you become stuck in a cellar of basement while trying to escape. You will feel the aftershocks for a long time. Attention! So little air, so little time! You have 60 minutes to get out of the disaster area, otherwise… no, that’s impossible, I help you, I can see you! Fortunately, in the basement there is a camera, but the line is breaking up!!

I help you if the line is good… Good luck… (The line went dead)

What can you expect?

  • 4 rooms
  • earthquake simulation (moving floor)
  • hidden passageways
  • 12 locks
  • 2 code panel
  • 17 teasers
  • 3 team-building games (min. 2 persons needed to solve the problem).

Designed for teams of 2-6, up to 8 players. The success rate for this escape room without help is 26%, the average request for help is 3-4. We recommend the room from the age of 10 (accompanied by an adult) Over 6 player we charge an extra 1000 HUF for each extra person.

For larger team building, you can request a custom quote by e-mail: szabadulojatek@gmail.com.

Can you survive a disaster?

Game 2-3 player (60 minutes):  8900 HUF
Game 2-3 player with student discount (-20%) (60 minutes): 7120 HUF
Game 2-6 player (60 minutes): 13900 HUF
Game 2-6 player with student discount (-20%) (60 minutes): 11120 HUF


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