difficulty level:


recommended players:

2-6 players (max. 8)



Have you ever thought about robbing a bank?

You can do it legally now!

Get your team, we give the BANK. Find the symbols, codes, secret-doors left by the undercover man and use your logic.

Who is in your team? It’s just up to you, because you have to assemble the perfect bank robbers! So that’s all? We just take the money and run??? It will be a tiny little bit more complicated.

What can you expect? :

  • one room
  • misleading hiding places
  • 9 locks
  • 2 code panel
  • 15 teasers
  • the safe robbery
  • Two team-building tasks (min. 2 persons needed to solve the problem).

Designed for teams of 2-6, up to 8 players. The success rate for this escape room without help is 23%, the average request for help is 3-4. We recommend the room from the age of 10 (accompanied by an adult) Over 6 player we charge an extra 1000 HUF for each extra person.

For larger team building, you can request a custom quote by e-mail: szabadulojatek@gmail.com.

Are you ready?

Game 2-3 player (60 minutes): 7250 HUF
Game 2-3 player with student discount (-20%) (60 minutes): 5800 HUF
Game 2-6 player (60 minutes): 11900 HUF
Game 2-6 player with student discount (-20%) (60 minutes): 9520 HUF


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